• When can I get my Red Lava Action Figure?  They are custom made by hand so we ship within 4 days of getting the order. They are shipped USPS First Class.
  • How tall will my Red Lava Action Figure be?  They are 4 inches tall. Just over 10 cm.
  • Will it break easily?  No, we use thick walled, plastic injection molded ABS plastic, and a tough elastomer (rubber) for the joints so they stand up to repeated use and dis-assembly. They are great for making stop motion animation many of our customers tell us!
  • Do you make the toys yourselves? Yes!  We make them in a cave right here in Michigan! Well, maybe not a cave, but we make everything ourselves!
  • Can you make Steve or Creepers or Enderman?  No, we do not make any authorized Minecraft characters as we are "NOT OFFICIAL MINECRAFT PRODUCT. NOT APPROVED BY OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG".  But be creative and make your own skin and we bring it to life for you as a Red Lava Action Figure.
  • Do you make tools and capes? Yes! We are always adding accessories so visit our site often for the latest product.
  • Do you make Herobrine with glow in the dark eyes? Everyone knows Herobrine does not exist.... except on the Herobrine page of our website for you to order!  He makes his eyes glow himself (with special glow in the dark material)...there are not batteries, just 1 minute under a light and they glow all night!
  • Do you believe in your product?  Yup, if you have any concerns, just contact us and we will make it right or return your money.